A Vegetarian Cookbook for Kids

Here at Bodhi Surf + Yoga, all of us (young and old), are food lovers. One of our youngest team members, Maya Paz, has taken her love a step further by making a vegetarian cookbook for kids! What started off as a homeschooling project has turned into something that she hopes other kids can download and have at their disposal as they begin their own journeys of cooking.

Most of us here at this surf and yoga camp in Costa Rica range from eating very little meat to avoiding animal products altogether. Maya herself is mostly vegetarian, and so her cookbook project is as well. For kids just earning to cook, cooking healthy, balanced, and vegetarian recipes is a great and easy place to start.

Inspired by the release of The Bodhi Cookbook, we decided to release Maya's Vegetarian Cookbook for Kids similarly. Maya has worked very hard to both create this cookbook and to get it into the hands of kids around the world. Learn more (from the chef herself) about the creation of this cookbook.

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