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Our high season is about to start again here at Bodhi Surf + Yoga, and I am getting that sense of excitement and anticipation, which I can only describe as that feeling I would get on Christmas eve as a kid, knowing that the next day would be filled with family, food, warmth (and of course, presents). This season is going to be better than ever — the lodge has never been as beautiful as it is now, with Pilar’s beautiful added details, the ever-growing gardens (which are now incredibly lush), and the new addition of the pool! We are also excited to have some new surf and yoga equipment which will improve our lessons and classes. In short, we are just waiting for you, our future guests!

Surf and yoga camp pool

The best is yet to come

As an owner of Bodhi Surf + Yoga, it is no secret that I have an amazing job. I get to be in Costa Rica, living the dream, being active, spending copious amounts of time at the beach, and so on. While those aspects of my job are incredibly enjoyable and I do not take them for granted; hands down, the best part of my job is actually the people that I get to meet and befriend. Over the course of seven years of being in business, we have met some of the best, most fun, and nicest people. I don’t know if we are just privileged to see people when they’re at their best — free of the obligations, distractions, and stresses of modern life — or if we’re just good people magnets! One thread that has woven all of our past guests together is the fact that they’re simply amazing. Today, I am happy to call many of these individuals friends.

I am in the lucky position of being the “concierge/guest relations specialist” here at Bodhi, and I also take care of the kitchen and feed our guests after their epic yoga classes and surf sessions. You can probably imagine, but it is so much fun. I feel and have been told by past guests that the being at Bodhi just has that magical “travel vibe” — you know that feeling you get when you suddenly become best mates with a group of people, who days before, were complete strangers — talking, laughing, and sharing stories like you’ve known each other for years. My job allows me to spend time chatting with guests, hearing about where they come from, and seeing/experiencing their time at Bodhi as they see and experience it — something that is a little different for everyone. Over meals, I get to hear about how enlightening the yoga wisdom of the day was or how great it felt to achieve a certain posture; I vicariously relive the feeling of standing on a wave for the first time or riding a green wave through people’s stories from their day. For me, witnessing people relaxing and unwinding while simultaneously achieving and mastering as the week goes on… it’s so incredibly rewarding.

Sunset at Playa Chaman

Join in on the fun and the learning!

With winter coming, we invite you to escape for a week, and to come visit us in sunny Costa Rica and take part in one of our weekly surf and yoga camps. Unlike typical retreats which run only a few times a year, our camps will be offered every week straight through until May. These camps are so much more than just a typical vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Bodhi vacations highlight experiential learning in an outdoor classroom, community engagement and environmental awareness, and plenty of group fun. Their aim is for you to learn from surf and yoga experts who are most interested in really teaching and help you achieve your personal goals. They are designed and run by us, the Bodhi owners, and have a real, wholesome, and profound vibe. We have always maintained that what we offer isn’t for everyone, but if you find any of these characteristics piquing your interest… come and see for yourself!

There are some big things happening around here. We are in the midst of a website redesign and will be undergoing a brand shift in the coming months, both to be more reflective of who we are as a business, and to stay at the cutting edge. Also, in light of mine and Travis’s recent trip to the B Corp Champions Retreat, we are more inspired than ever to continue making strides as a responsible business. That may mean that we continue to make improvements and updates around the lodge and in our operations, and increase our interconnectedness (the theme of the retreat) with our communities, both local and global. More than anything, we look forward to sharing the special moments with our guests this coming season!

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