Ocean Guardian Contest

The Ocean Guardian Contest is Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s annual contest that provides YOU with the chance to showcase what you are doing to help keep our natural environment healthy and enjoyable for future generations. Many good ideas, such as using reusable bottles and cups for beverages or taking cloth bags to the grocery store are becoming more and more widespread, and this is great news for everyone. But what the world needs is environmental innovation, and this contest is designed to celebrate awesome, albeit outside-the-box ideas!

Contest Goals

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we want to recognize the actions YOU are taking to help drive permanent change in the way humans relate to their natural environment. As we can see if we turn on the news these days, the world is changing, and a lot of this change is for the worse. It’s up to all of us to think about and reflect upon the choices and actions we each take on a daily basis in order to keep a healthy home, and rise to the task at hand!

Stay tuned for more info

The contest typically runs between the months of September and November. If you are considering participating in the contest we recommend signing the Ocean Guardian Pledge, which is a requirement for participating and also a good way to receive updates about the contest. We look forward to having you participate in the contest, in the meantime, get out and enjoy nature!

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