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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how the way that people commonly celebrate special days (birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons), and to offer an adventurous, sustainable, and fun alternative.

On one hand, we have the old standbys… chocolate, flowers, jewelry. For some, these are a good option: easy, and they don’t require too much thinking. Yet consumption for the sake of consumption is a practice we are going to have to leave behind if we want to ensure the health of our planet and guarantee our survival as a species.

We would like to offer another option for those who are looking to change up their old routines — for Valentine’s or any other special day. We invite you to get out of your element and spend your hard-earned money not on things (that you will inevitably accrue a bunch of) but on experiences — ones that will make you learn, try something new, and leave you with great memories.Valentine's surfing vacation


The case for experiences, not things

No matter how large or small your budget is, you can choose to make the practice of mindless purchasing obsolete. Instead, consider: cooking with your friends to celebrate a birthday instead of the classic gift-giving routine; going on a wintery hike on Christmas morning instead of doing the customary opening of presents; taking a class with your significant other to celebrate your anniversary instead of spending money on things he or she may not really need. There are so many ways that you can reduce your impact, simply by thinking outside the box and replacing your old actions with new ones!

Another option is to go big and plan a trip around these special celebrations. It could be small, a camping weekend, for example — or big, a vacation. And not just a lazy vacation where you just sit around the pool all day; why not travel with a purpose. One where you really take advantage — of your time, money, and the fact that you’re in a completely new place and situation — to change up your routine and learn something new.

At Bodhi Surf School, we are constantly impressed by the amount of people that come and do surf and yoga vacations with us, who have chosen to come down here and do not waste a minute of their time. We have guests that want to surf twice a day and have a yoga session in there as well, guests that opt to walk everywhere so that they can really soak in the sights and sounds of Bahia Ballena, guests who manage to fit it all in, even in a short amount of time.

For those types of people, here is the alternative that Bodhi Surf School offers to you to celebrate Valentine’s day, a birthday, Christmas, New Years, your wedding anniversary or honeymoon: Bodhi Sessions — a community engaged yoga and surf camp in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica.Couple's surfing vacation


What are these Bodhi Sessions, anyways?

The Bodhi Sessions combine the perfect amount of everything that we offer: surfing, yoga, community engagement, learning, and fun. It is our “best of the best” week-long yoga and surf camp in that it provides structure and takes away the headache-y bits of travel planning for our guests, but allows more flexibility and choice than a classic surf and yoga retreat. We have designed a yoga and surf camp vacation that will appeal to the type of visitor who sees value in the distinctive features of our Bodhi Sessions:

  1. Learning: a) to surf in a marine national park, and not just how to stand up on a surfboard, but also its history, culture, techniques, safety, etiquette, and philosophy; b) a yoga series that will help you improve alignment, breathing, flexibility, and really go deeper into your yoga practice; c) a little of our town’s history, environment, development, and challenges in order to get to know where you are staying!
  2. Practicing: repeating and building in both your yoga and surfing sessions to get a solid base and understanding of both and have the opportunity to see great improvement.
  3. Comfort and simplicity: a lodging option that may lack certain qualities such as televisions, air conditioning units, and extravagant design but does feature comfortable orthopedic beds, open airy designs, and plenty of natural beauty and charm.
  4. Balance: of shared time and personal time, of activity and relaxation, of planning and spontaneity.
  5. Reinvigoration: time spent in such a pristine setting can only help to reconnect you with your own natural rhythm, so expect to be blown away by the jaw-dropping vistas, the vibrant sunrises and sunsets, the brightness of the stars at night, the sound of the afternoon rain, the feeling of the sand beneath your toes. And take those memories home with you when you leave!Costa Rica beach holiday


Still on the fence?

We understand that our Bodhi Sessions may not be right for you for Valentine’s or your other special days. It may be that an active Costa Rican vacation with a whooping total of eight surf and/or yoga sessions is not your thing, nor is the sensation of fulfillment (and tired contentedness) at the end of the day. Perhaps the idea of getting in shape out in nature, as opposed to your regular gym, seems daunting. It could be that our little community and the marine national park it borders seem too small, too clean, too green, or too far off the beaten path. Maybe concepts like “marine conservation”, “connection with nature”, and “community engagement” are just not your cup of tea. We understand; if we all had the same likes and dislikes the world would be a boring place indeed!

But if any of this has appealed to you, we invite you to read a bit more about our story. As a team, we will be very involved in making sure your trip is exactly what you want it to be: from emails and coordination before you arrive, to logistical once you’re here, and everything in between. It is us who will be teaching you yoga and surfing, hosting you at the Bodhi Surf Lodge, discussing our community, the area, the Ocean Guardian Journey (and much, much more).

It may not be the most traditional way to spend your special day, but we can assure you, it will be a week that is full of celebration! For the ocean, for nature, for sunshine, for outdoor recreation, for Costa Rica, and hopefully this adventure will spark positive change in you too!Costa Rica sunset


And remember, Bodhi Surf School is offering our #5YearsOfBodhi Anniversary Discount on Bodhi Sessions if you book before June!

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