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Coming to Bodhi is about taking adventuring deeper and about creating an awakening experience that can be very internal. We immerse ourselves, and reflect on how we can incorporate the attitude shift of becoming more aware into our lives everyday. Because of this, Bodhi Surf + Yoga supports the nonprofit, Adventure Scientists, as we believe they strive to give outdoor enthusiasts that same opportunity. Bodhi has chosen to donate a Bodhi Sessions surf + yoga camp for two to their #GratefulGiveback campaign. This allows them to offer high-value, exciting prizes to their community while staying true to their ethos of citizen science, sustainability, and having a positive impact.

Outdoor adventurers saving nature

Photo c/o Adventure Scientists

Volunteers making a positive impact

Adventure scientists is giving outdoor enthusiasts the necessary training to collect research-grade scientific data — all while they explore and enjoy the great outdoors! The information they gather is then used to guide real-world conservation efforts on the ground. This shared passion for turning outdoor activities into deeper experiences has brought Bodhi into partnership with Adventure Scientists over the past year. Two of Adventure Scientists’ current projects illustrate the importance of this consistency.

In their Timber Tracking project, volunteers are exploring the North American west coast from L.A. to Vancouver, collecting leaf samples from big leaf maple trees to help combat illegal logging. Researchers will analyze the samples to build a geographically referenced genetic database of the species. Scientists will then use the database to identify the species and origin of suspicious timber. This will help law officers enforce illegal logging legislation, empower responsible buyers, and thwart dishonest harvesters in the illegal timber trade.

In their Conserving Biodiversity: Pollinators project, volunteers head to the backcountry and learn to see the landscape through a new set of eyes as they search for, photograph, and upload information about butterflies and the plants they live among. These observations are being compiled into the first robust backcountry dataset on this topic. Once it is all processed, public land managers will be able to use the data to inform decisions about prescribed burning, protection of threatened species, and forest planning.

Citizen science with Adventure Scientists

Building an awareness of the future — together

The #GratefulGiveback prize and other contributions from Bodhi Surf + Yoga help us to offer our volunteers thrilling ways to continue to live out conservation and sustainability values when they return from their latest expedition.

As a nonprofit organization, Adventure Scientists relies on support in many different forms, including research grants, direct funding, sponsorships, and in-kind donations like Bodhi has contributed. We benefit immeasurably from the exposure these diverse connections give us to build awareness for future support and for future volunteer participation.

Written by Kerry Dunn

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