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When Bodhi Surf + Yoga became B Corp certified in November of 2016, we knew it was truly just the beginning of a long road of constant improvements and striving for success. B Corporation urges fellow B Corporations to “B the Change” — that is, “to be the change that you seek in the world.” We here at Bodhi have really taken that mission to heart. As a business that relies directly on the community and ecosystems that surround us, we feel a commitment to constantly look for ways to better ourselves as community members and a business in general.

Bodhi B Corporation

Our responsibility as a B Corp

This has inspired us to take action! If you’ve been on our blog or Facebook page lately, you may have noticed us talking about two newsworthy items: the Bahia Ballena Plastic Free Initiative and the 2017 Ocean Guardian Contest. Both of these efforts are projects that we’ve had in the works, the plastic-free initiative for several months now and the contest for five years running. Our new commitment and responsibility as a B Corporation has caused us to pour a ton of time and energy into causes that we deem worthy, one is at our local level, the other global. Though we’re incredibly proud of the steps we’re taking in our own community, the work doesn’t stop here; we want to continue striving to improve AND to inspire other B Corp businesses to take similar actions in their respective industries and fields. Read on to see what we’ve been working on!

Whale from Plastic Bottles

Leading locally: Bahia Ballena Plastic Free Initiative

The Bahia Ballena Plastic Free Initiative is an ongoing project that’s focused on efforts here at home in our community of Bahia Ballena:

“The initiative seeks to reduce single use plastic consumption, provide alternatives, create awareness about how plastics are suffocating our oceans, and provide viable solutions.”

To date, the initiative has two local non-profit organizations leading the plan, 40+ businesses that have signed the voluntary commitment, 60+ volunteers that created a 9 x 5 meter whale made of plastic bottles, media coverage in national newspapers, and other communities seeking our assistance to develop similar campaigns to drive pro-environmental behavior change.

Bodhi Ocean Guardian Contest

A global call to action: The Ocean Guardian Contest

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed an exciting countdown to the submission deadline for the 2017 Ocean Guardian Contest. This year, our prompt asks entrants, “If the whole world were listening, what is one pro-environmental action (that you yourself take) that you would tell people to make in their lives?” For us, this is much more than a simple vacation contest or cool way to win a free week-long trip to Bodhi Surf + Yoga for two. It is a forum for individuals to show the extras-special and often unique actions they take to shape a better future for all. Each year, we are blown away by the thought and creativity that is evident in each submission, and each year the contest inspires us and re-centers us in our mission to inspire pro-environmental behavior in each of our guests. This contest allows us to spread the word about the importance of being a guardian of the ocean and earth, and shows us just how much people are doing all around the world.

Digging deep on our B Corp values

These are just two projects that we’re very proud, but as a Certified B Corp business, we’re constantly striving for ways to lead the way on the path of environmental and social responsibility, both at locally and globally. We believe that honing in on the values of your business that are most important for you, and digging deep to find new and innovative ways to inspire and lead change, is one of the most important actions that any business can take. In “’B-ing’ the Change” you wish to see in the world, you will inspire others to follow suit!

Written by Nora Maxwell

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