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Awaken Your Ashtanga: 7 Night Yoga Philosophy and Asana Retreat

September 4-11, 2021

Hosted by Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Costa Rica Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

The Awaken Your Ashtanga retreat is hosted by Bodhi Surf + Yoga team members who are passionate about going deeper into the history, philosophy, and physical portion of the yoga practice. This course is based on the successful online course, 8 Limbs for a Simple Life yoga course created by Bodhi Surf + Yoga, which explains the Ashtanga yoga methodology, as well as how to take your yoga practice off the mat. 

There are several intentions behind this retreat:

  • To explore the eight limbs in the simplest way, and find ways to have them help inform us how to live a more purposeful and meaningful life 
  • To help cultivate and maintain a sense of peace amidst the chaos, and thus foster a more positive view of life
  • To give simple tools that can greatly benefit our own lives by focusing on the way we approach and treat others, all living creatures, and Mother Nature.

Asana: The physical practice

During this retreat, you will be participating in five 90-120 minute Asana sessions that can be described as “active Asana lab”. What exactly does that mean? Well, there will be moments of physical flow but also moments where there are more technical explanations. The classes are physically strenuous, and combined with the air temperature here in the tropics, you can anticipate that you will sweat! However, know that it won’t be two hours of intensity — there will also be moments of instruction, talking, and watching the instructor demonstrate.

It is important to note that the Asana practice for this retreat is not based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa System. The physical practiced is based on Vinyasa Yoga with elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Yoga retreat Costa Rica 2021

The 8 Limbs of Yoga: Yoga theory and philosophy

The Asana practice is but one of eight total “limbs” or components of the ancient practice of what we now know as yoga. During this retreat, you will learn not just about the third limb (Asana) but also the other seven limbs: Yamas, Niyamas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. 

There is a great deal of wisdom that can be gleaned from this venerable philosophy, and it is still so very relevant today. We can understand the yoga path and the eightfold system as a way to clean the body, clear the mind, and connect with our souls. We can think of it as a progressive journey where we commit to exploring who we are, from the most external tangible aspects of our being to the most internal subtleties of our energy and spirit. It’s a way to break the veil of illusion that distracts us from the most beautiful obvious reality that it exists: that love is everything and everything is love — a personal journey from the mind to the heart.

The Awaken your Ashtanga Yoga Retreat includes…

  • 6 nights at Bodhi Lodge
  • 1 night at a hotel in San Jose
  • Round trip transportation (SJ – Uvita – SJ)
  • 6 daily yoga Asana sessions
  • 4 theory classes on the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga
  • 12 fresh, healthy, local meals (6 brunches, 2 dinners in, 2 dinners out at local restaurants)
  • Daily snacks and coffee
  • Guided walking tour of Bahia Ballena
  • Yoga mat and prop use
  • National park entrance fees
  • Travelers’ Philanthropy donation

Lodging options + capacity

There are various lodging options available, all of which are viewable here.

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Meditation on the beach

Sample day

  • 6am: If you are hungry before practice, grab a coffee or tea, fresh fruits and/or bread 
  • 7am: Head over to the yoga platform on the property for your daily Asana Yoga Lab; today’s class will be a series on forward bends and twists!
  • 10am: Sit down for awhile and enjoy a hearty, homemade, healthy and locally-sourced brunch
  • 12-4pm: You may use your free time to explore the area on foot, head to the beach, or do a tour; conversely, you can also stay in and spend some time in the hammock or pool journaling or reading!
  • 4:30pm: In the later afternoon, you will head back to the yoga platform to dive deep into the yoga philosophy — today’s class will be on the Yamas — as well as raising your energy by doing a Pranayama practice 
  • 6pm: End the day by sitting down with your fellow retreat attendees for a delicious, fresh, wholesome, and largely plant-based meal at the Bodhi Lodge where you can laugh, share, and reflect on the day!

Pranayama practice at Costa Rica yoga retreat


If you have been intrigued by the “off the mat” aspect of yoga, you will love this course. Pilar explains the 8 limbs of yoga in an easy to understand way, offering examples that really resonate with daily life. 


The course led by Pilar was extremely thorough. Pilar made every topic very tangible and relatable which allowed me to really take in the course content and learn from it. The physical practice was great! It built over time and always provided alternatives given where someone was in their Yoga journey. I really enjoyed the course and feel like I have a whole new lens on Yoga and how it impacts/can impact my life and the life of those around me.


[Pilar] took the time to teach every position, teaching alternatives for those who were more advanced. She did a wonderful job teaching to the individual skill and comfort level, and I saw many physical and emotional benefits from the physical practice. Pilar is also extremely knowledgeable about the theory behind Ashtanga yoga and helped me understand how to apply the philosophy to my daily life.


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