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Bodhi Intern Studies Effects of Voluntourism

Read up about what the newest Bodhi intern, Sarah Coburn, is up to! Finding Bodhi Surf School About two years ago, I returned to my dorm around 10pm from my home away from home, Rocksport (the local climbing gym that I frequent in upstate New York), 20 minutes from my school, Skidmore College. I was exhausted…

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From the Great Plains to the Great Ocean: A Kansas Girl Learns to Surf

Learning to surf in Costa Rica

Written by Erin Robinson, Deloitte Consultant and current Bodhi Surf School Intern I grew up land-locked in the middle of the United States, in a small college-town called Lawrence, Kansas. Amongst its many family-owned businesses, there’s a store called “Shark’s Surf Shop” that sells apparel ironically reading “Surf Kansas”, with a character surfing on wheat fields.…

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Sister Parks Agreement & DIY Voluntourism

Earlier this year, we had a lovely young woman from New York, Elsa, stay with us en route to her final destination of Puerto Jimenez, a town south of here on the Osa Peninsula. Elsa worked in Costa Rica all summer, specifically in the Osa Area of Conservation helping on a number of projects — her…

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Surf School Intern Experience: Taylor’s Reflection

Taylor, San Diego native and future lawyer, did an internship with us earlier this year, helping us develop the Ocean Guardian Program. Specifically, she helped us refine our Ocean Guardian Pledge, My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest, and use of the Blue Marbles. Here is her reflection after several months of travel and starting law school! There are…

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Thank You For Participating In Our Travelers’ Philanthropy Survey!

About one month ago, we solicited the collective brain power of our past guests in order to help us formalize a Travelers’ Philanthropy program. Many of you shared with us your experiences at Bodhi Surf School, your impression of the community, and invaluable suggestions for our soon-to-be-born Travelers’ Philanthropy program. What We Learned from the…

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Surf Camp Intern Experience – Ruben Minnema

I was looking for an internship in Costa Rica in order to complete my studies in International Tourism Management in Holland when I came across Bodhi Surf School. Their style of presenting themselves and their focus on working to become a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business really appealed to me because of my focus…

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Grupo SURF Volunteer Experience

The following is a Guest Post by Emily Ausubel, a Thinking Beyond Borders alumn (2009), about her perspective of the Grupo SURF community youth program in Uvita-Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica and her personal experience of volunteering with the local kids. Thank you Emily! Helping to Inspire Future Ocean Guardians In 2009 Siempre Unidos para Reforzar…

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