Are Dolphins a Surfer’s Best Friend?

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Dolphin jumpingMany surfers without a doubt will say that their best friend in the water or favorite aquatic animal is the dolphin. Time and time again I have heard from my “surfer” friends, acquaintances, and co-workers that the dolphin is a surfer’s best friend. With a simple Google search for the keywords “ are dolphins a surfers best friend” I found the words of one of the worlds most progressive surfers, Laird Hamilton, to be supportive of the claim that dolphins are surfers best friends. Laird says, “What dogs represent on the land, dolphins represent in the water. They’re man’s best water friends. You feel safe when they’re around, and they’re smart.” Investigating a little further, I found several articles, pods, and information that supports the claim held by the majority of surfers; articles titled, Surfers around the world see dolphins as fellow surfing friends, Man’s best friends: 11 animals who saved humans, etc. And I even found a cool website and video with dolphins surfing the waves! Have you ever surfed your favorite break with the company of dolphins? Feel free to share your experiences right here with Bodhi Surf.

Stay posted! Soon I will share my dolphin-surfing experience that took place inside the beaches of the Marino Ballena National Park, Uvita-Costa Rica.

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