The Gypsies

Adrianne & Gibran

Gibran and Adrianne constitute the “wandering” portion of Bodhi Surf + Yoga, as they have roots set down in several places around the world. When asked where they are living, they usually answer with the name of wherever they happen to be. And deep down, both are happy wherever they are as long as the other isn’t too far away.

Their story

Gibran and Adrianne met in San Blas, Nayarit (Gibran’s hometown), in 2006 while Adrianne had left Canada to backpack through Mexico. Adrianne and Gibran shared many friends and a mutual love of San Blas but had never met because they were never there at the same time, though it was there that their paths finally crossed, and after that they were inseparable. When Adrianne went back to Canada to start college, Gibran went up two months later to surprise her. After several epiphany moments in which they both realized that they both wanted the “together, forever”, they made the commitment to begin their lives together.

The couple moved to San Diego, where Gibran grew up and earned his University of San Diego degree in Business Administration. Having family in San Diego made it easier on the young couple as Adrianne started college herself. They got married in 2007 and lived in San Diego for five and a half years, during which Adrianne completed her degree in International Studies and Political Science at the University of California, San Diego. They also spent a lot of their time road trippin’ around California and surfing. By 2011, they were ready to begin a new adventure, which took them to Costa Rica to join Travis and Pilar in starting Bodhi Surf + Yoga.

Two components, in particular, of developing Bodhi Surf + Yoga excited Adrianne and Gibran: promoting environmental responsibility and living in Costa Rica’s beautiful South Pacific. With Gibran’s background in business administration and his insatiable enthusiasm for surfing, and with Adrianne’s interest in social justice, environmental conservation, and her undying love of fun, these two brought a unique dynamism into the evolution of Bodhi.

While they still spend a few months every year exploring the world, the Gypsies love spending a majority of their time in Bahia Ballena surfing, meeting interesting new people, and contributing to causes that are dear to their hearts.

Fun facts about Adrianne

  • Adrianne is the fun-seeker, socialite, and extrovert of Bodhi — she relishes spending time getting to know the guests
  • Her love of writing has made her Bodhi’s primary content writer/editor and principal blogger, and her love of food and cooking led her to start offering meals at the surf and yoga camps and now managing the kitchen
  • Her biggest “life-shaping” events have been travel-related, the most notable being an epic eight month journey to Mexico when she was 12
  • She is an avid reader and lover of the outdoors, so sometimes she really misses Canadian winters to curl up with a book and a hot beverage
  • While she doesn’t consider herself athletic, she does believe that surfing is best thing she’s ever done

Fun facts about Gibran

  • Gibran is the “surf bum” of Bodhi — he’s been surfing since the age of three, and truly needs it in his life for his mental and physical wellbeing
  • Gibran surfed competitively in the U.S. and in Mexico between the ages of 10 and 30
  • His role at Bodhi Surf + Yoga is to do a little of everything: answering vacation inquiries, managing the website and IT, and, his favorite role, leading groups in the surfing portion of Bodhi's surf and yoga vacations
  • His previous work experiences are diverse: baker, eco-tourism consultant, small-business manager, tour guide, and internet marketer
  • When he isn’t working or surfing he enjoys traveling (which typically also involves surfing), snowboarding, rock climbing, or any other physical activity
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