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Clea, Maya, Pilar & Travis

Pilar, Travis, Maya, and Clea are the Costa Rican cornerstones of Bodhi Surf + Yoga as they live full-time in the beautiful community of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica. The family is in love with their town and wants to help make it the best possible place to live and work. They have built and continue to develop Bodhi Surf + Yoga as a medium to do just that.

Their story

Pilar and Travis met in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2007, when they were both working and living in the capital city: Travis’s Peace Corp service took him to the central offices, and Pilar was teaching yoga and working for a yoga retreat company. After meeting, they immediately hit it off: Pilar fell in love with Travis’s determination, energy, and passion to do good in the world; Travis with Pilar’s groundedness, tranquility, and joy of life. Those around them immediately noticed the balance they provided in each other’s lives and all affirmed that it was a perfect match.

Together, they moved to Bahia Ballena (the place that had stolen Travis’s heart during his Peace Corps service) in 2008, and were married in the summer of 2009. Travis continued working as an independent consultant, specializing in community economic development and the creation of micro-credit banks in the Osa region, and Pilar began teaching yoga classes around Costa Ballena and consulting work for ASANA, an environmental nonprofit in the region. In 2011, their first daughter Maya Paz, was born and 2015 brought their second, Clea James. These events changed both of their lives and their outlooks, and inspired them to be better stewards of Mother Earth.

Both Pilar and Travis have been so happy to develop Bodhi Surf + Yoga in their own backyard. Naturally, the company has grown to encompass what they both love. Travis’s double major from the University of San Diego in Economics and Anthropology, as well as his time in the Peace Corp in Costa Rica, experience as a consultant, and passion for surfing resulted in his push to create a philanthropic, socially and environmentally responsible surf tourism business that would have positive impacts on the surrounding community. Pilar’s degree from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica in Business Administration and Tourism, her continuing yoga education, and her travels around the globe lead her to want to develop a holistic business that focuses on fostering the mind-body-earth connection and healthy living for both the clients and the earth! Both are so pleased to be able to share Bodhi with the world.

Fun facts about Pilar

  • Pilar is the grounding energy for Bodhi; her calm composure and “Pura Vida” vibe are evident to all who meet her
  • She works hard to incorporate fluidly breath, graceful movement, and self-reflection into all of her classes
  • In addition to leading the Bodhi Sessions yoga classes, Pilar is in charge of the administration, staff, bookings, and logistics at Bodhi
  • She has had the great fortune of furthering her own personal yoga practice in many places in the world, including Greece, the U.S., India, and Mexico
  • During her travels and other life experiences, she has realized that many Eastern philosophies resonated very deeply with her and are now reflected in her yoga classes

Fun facts about Travis

  • Travis is very involved in our community, active in several committees and projects that aim to preserve or improve our home
  • He focused on small-business development and helped guide local community members in the creation of their own micro-credit bank during his Peace Corps service
  • Travis wears many hats for Bodhi and it is agreed that he has a tireless work ethic; he leads the charge in business development and Bodhi’s Corporate Responsibility
  • From the moment one meets Travis, it is evident that he is connector and a man of ideas; always thinking of new projects to take on, finding ways to connect or connect with individuals, looking for ways to improve
  • Outside work, Travis enjoys reading up on community economic development, spending time with his family, traveling, and of course surfing

Fun facts about Maya

  • Maya has had more exposure to yoga and surfing than many of our clients, and she is already a helpful hand in operations whether it’s helping set the table for group dinners or entertaining the guests!
  • She is very curious, intelligent, and independent; she greatly enjoys engaging with guests and seems to connect with them almost immediately
  • She loves nature and definitely agrees with the Bodhi principles of respecting and helping preserve the environment
  • She absolutely loves to dance!

Fun facts about Clea

  • Clea’s favorite things in the world are her older sister, fresh tropical Costa Rican fruits, and animals (especially birds)
  • Many agree that while her sister is a spitting image of Pilar (but perhaps with more of Travis’s personality, Clea seems to have more of Travis’s looks (and Pilar’s personality)
  • Typical of a second child, she emulates her older sister — they love to have daily dance parties!
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