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It isn’t always easy to be an Ocean Guardian. Sometimes we aren’t as diligent in our daily routines as Alison, Carla, or Kiera. We don’t always think about our wonderful memories at the ocean, and whether our grandkids will have the opportunity to make their own. Maybe we forget the impact that plastic has on ocean wildlife and on our own health. Perhaps we haven’t seen The Plastic Age, a documentary in which 10-time Grammy winner (and ageless wonder) Pharrell says, “I just have a connection with the ocean. It yields so much life, including our own. So, we owe it.” It’s for times like this, when we lose motivation and perspective, that we are allowed to think a little selfishly. After all, in addition to helping out the ecosystem responsible for our lives, being an Ocean Guardian yields personal benefits.

Being an Environmental Steward

1. You will save money

So many of the practical daily habits that go with being an Ocean Guardian also have the benefit of saving you money! With all that extra dough, you can start planning your next trip to Bodhi!

  • To spend less when you’re shopping:
    • Stop buying single-use plastic / paper goods – try refillable bottles/containers and cloth towels/napkins instead
    • Check out local thrift shops and consignment stores when you need to buy clothes – you’ll often find unique stuff at low prices
    • Start a backyard garden for fresh and organic food on a budget
  • To reduce your utility bills:
    • Take shorter showers – try limiting yourself to one song
    • Wash FULL loads of laundry
    • Buy LED or CFL light bulbs – they’re more efficient and last longer
  • To spend less on gas:
    • Walk, bike, carpool, and use public transportation when you can
    • Make an eco-friendly choice the next time you purchase a vehicle

2. You will get healthier

One of the many benefits of adapting the Ocean Guardian lifestyle is your health! Keep your body in surfing shape while keeping the ocean surf-able.

  • To turn up your cardio:
    • Take every opportunity to walk, bike, skate, or skip to your destination
    • Participate in local beach clean-ups to get moving and meet Ocean Guardian peeps
  • To keep the diet dialed in:
    • Bring your refillable water bottle with you everywhere – this will remind you to keep drinking and stay hydrated
    • Shop locally for natural goods (especially fruits and veggies) with less packaging – this can help the environment, your community, and your waistline

3. You will feel good about yourself

By implementing some Ocean Guardian habits into your daily lifestyle, you can make a big difference! Give yourself a pat on the back and keep fighting the good fight.

  • To feel good and do good:
    • Bring reusable grocery bags when you go shopping – you’ll reduce plastic waste and inspire the other people in line too
    • Skip the plastic straws – this can start a conversation when you’re out to eat with others (and it turns out it’s easy to drink without them)
    • Rock your Bodhi Surf + Yoga shirt – you’ll look good and feel good ????

Now you have no excuse to not become and Ocean Guardian! Besides helping the earth and all of its inhabitants, you will be benefiting your own bank account, body, and spirit. Learn more about what you can do by signing the Ocean Guardian Pledge and receiving the Ocean Guardian Digest. For more ideas, download the Bodhi app to access a list of easy and impactful actions that you can do today!

Written by Mike Agrippina

We have JUST ANNOUNCED the details on this year’s Ocean Guardian Contest! What is that, you may ask? Why, it’s your opportunity to showcase your actions to win a week-long surf and yoga camp for two at Bodhi Surf + Yoga, as well as a number of exceptional prizes! 

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