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Each year, it is so enthralling to see the new and innovative ways in which you all dedicate yourselves to being stewards of the environment. We are in the privileged seat of getting to see this kind of action firsthand via our annual Ocean Guardian Contest. We have held this contest annually since 2013, and love it for many reasons. Mostly, because we root ourselves in the belief that the future of our planet relies on how well humanity can unite. To raise consciousness about our impact, and then take action to reduce our respective (and collective!) footprints.

2018 Ocean Guardian Contest

Why you should enter the #OGC2018

The Ocean Guardian Contest is judged on the principle of environmental leadership by individuals. It was created to praise and encourage your courageous acts of protecting our beautiful planet, regardless of how big or small. Why? Because the positive change we generate can never be underestimated. This year’s prompt is the following: “How can individual action change the world?” We want to hear what you are (or someone you know is) doing to inspire positive change, and why it’s so important.

Yes, you read that right! This year, we are giving the option of either entering yourself OR entering someone you know who is a committed Ocean Guardian. Often times, the people who take these types of actions don’t even realize how meaningful and inspiring they can be!

So, what do you say! Show us how individual action can change the world. How do you keep our earth lush, our oceans clean, and inspire others to do the same? Feel free to get creative!

A few specifics on entering the #OGC2018

The contest will take place in the month of October, 2018, so at the time of publication of this blog, you have plenty of time to get ready! Remember: the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest is a video contest. You can get as creative, funny, or serious as you please. Just make sure you are showing us how individual action can change the world in a video of two minutes or less. Like always, the Bodhi Advisory Board will review each entry to see if it qualifies to go into the finalists round. Finally, public voting will begin, which will determine the results of the #OGC2018.  Winners will be announced in early November, 2018!

The prizes this year are as good as ever. Of course, Bodhi Surf + Yoga is offering its signature surf and yoga camp for two people to the grand prize winner. We also have some awesome donations from great companies (who are Ocean Guardians themselves). Some old faves like Klean Kanteen, Life Without Plastic, Patagonia, Indosole, and United by Blue. We also have a few new ones (Badger Balm and a few more that we are excited to share with you).

Official #OGC2018 page

There are really so many more details on this contest. We encourage you to head on over to the official contest page for full contest details including prizes, timeline, and judging criteria. This is important to become familiar with, as this is also where you will enter the contest!

Best of luck to all!

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