2015 Bodhi Surf Initiatives: The Ocean Guardian Journey

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We are a surf and yoga company who, in 2015, celebrated five years of being in business. Over the years, we have grown from a dream shared by four individuals to a thriving small business that today provides full-time employment to three members of our community and, proudly shares our love and knowledge of surfing, yoga, our community, and the environment with a multitude of people from around the world.

Mission: To provide memorable travel experiences that facilitate learning through exposure to the people and environment of the place we call home.

But what is Bodhi Surf really? What do its owners and staff stand for? How do we use our position as a surf and yoga camp to make a positive difference in the world we live in? And more importantly, why do we feel a responsibility to do so?

Read the 2015 Bodhi Surf Initiatives document below to get the answers to these questions!

2015 Bodhi Surf Initiatives by Bodhi Surf on Scribd

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